The Book

Unschooling to College

(This is an excerpt from the introduction to the book I am now in the process of writing: “Unschooling to College; Adventures in homeschooling”)

“The name of this book is intentionally misleading. After all, in this day and age who will pick up a book about an educational system that does not lead to college? So far, in our own family history, unschooling did lead to college, but that was a path that included some unintended consequences. We certainly were not aiming for our kids to go to college when we started this adventure. Growing up in a different country, in a community with very different values, we were not fully aware of the almost mythological role college plays in this country. We were lucky to be so unaware, and so were our children. They were allowed to be children and grow up following what truly interested them, while developing their unique personality and their unique ways of learning. If you are reading this book with the intention of getting your kids to college, I invite you to set it aside for a while, and immerse yourself in the idea and practice of unschooling which is concerned, first and foremost with allowing your child to live in what Sir Ken Robinson calls his or hers “Element“.

…this book  shares the process of how your child can get to college, if that is their wish, by participating in a sane educational “non-system” that allows for living and learning rather than frantically preparing for a distance, unknown future.”


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