Opening Note

Unschooling to College aims to attract all who are interested in unschooling, whether seasoned “pros” or new to the idea and practice.

Unschooling is an educational “non-system” that provides children with the freedom they need to allow learning to occur naturally while following their own unique way of making sense of the world around them.

In other words: children who are unschooled do not attend school. Technically, they are homeschooled and yet do not do “school at home”. Rather they are allowed to continue to “hang out” with and around their parents, just as they did when they were babies and toddlers, playing and doing whatever was of interest to them while sharing and participating in whatever their parents were doing.

The beauty of unschooling is that children use their own environment and unique circumstances as the soil on which they learn and grow.

It is often hard for people who become acquainted with the idea and practice of unschooling to believe that this way of growing up can “produce” functioning adults. This blog aims to put this misconception to rest and enlighten those in doubt.


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