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Grown unschoolers


I recently G-chatted with my younger son who is now in his senior year in college. I know many of you – parents to younger children – would love to know what grown unschoolers have to say about their experiences. I thought I will just copy/paste our chat with minor editing so that you can get a taste … Continue reading


The Book

Being the audience

From the book: “My daughter loves to dance, which naturally leads to some beautifully choreographed dances she will often share with me. She seems to create dances out of thin air. I have seen her dance to songs she likes giving her interpretation to the words and music of the song through her dance moves. But the other day … Continue reading


The Video-games/Computers/TV issue… (Part one)

I’d like to share this translated article with you. It was published in November 2006 but talks about the time between 1993 to 2006, and it addresses my personal journey as a homeschooling Mom grappling with the issue of video-games/computers/tv in our life, going from total resistance through reluctant acceptance, to total surrender and finally to understanding: “I recently read Steven … Continue reading